Ricable - U4P / 11367 - Power Shielded Cable 3 x 4 mm² by meter

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Technical Specifications

< 3,8 Ohm/Km
Cable Max Power:

Constructive Specifications

Directional Twisted Pair
Conductors Material:
AM-RCC Pure Copper OFC 99,9999% N7
Conductors Structure:
300 strands per conductor
Conductors Size:
0,15 mm
Conductors Surface:
3 x 4 mm2
External Diameter:
Ø 13 mm
External Shielding:
OFC tinned copper with braid plus
Dielectric insulation:
Cotton Cord
External Protection:
Black Flexible PVC sheath

Technical Notes

Affordable lengths:
  • Minimum 1 meter linear multiples of 1

Warranty and Certifications

  • Designed in Italy
  • Made in Italy
  • CE
  • RoHS
  • FCC
Lifetime Warranty On-Site (Requires free activation)

Ricable U4P Power is an electric power cable tripolar of great value and is ideal for those who want to make custom power cables high level or for professional installations where you need a high-quality cable

U4P is made with pure copper conductors in AM-RCC from 4 sq mm, dielectric insulation cotton and TNT. Total shielding on the cable allows excellent insulation from outside interference and prevents the noise generated by the passage of the electrical signal.

The configuration is directional twisted for reducing inductance and improved electronic propagation.

The tubular shape of this cable is excellent for the realization of Custom cables for Hi-Fi applications and for professional applications in critical environments.

Thanks to the use of technical materials of high quality, despite the size and the generous sections, the cable is extra flexible.

Ricable U4P Power is sold by meter or Reel


Ricable U4P Power

U40 Speaker is designed and manufactured in Italy, using the best materials and technologies, from the studies of our R&D.

Ricable U4P Power

AM-RCC (Annealed Copper Conductor Multicore Ricable) is a conductor made of a special processing technique which provides for the drawing of the single wire in the absence of oxygen, starting from a conductor of large size. At each step the copper is annealed and the grain becomes larger and larger, improving purity and conductivity. At the end of processing you are obtained with a Multicore conductor strands as hair and a high degree of purity (99.9999% N7), which allows the signal to pass in a perfect way to the cable and to obtain very high degrees of flexibility, despite the high sections into play.

Ricable U4P Power

Power cords, in a Hi-Fi system, act as both transmitting antennas of interference, it is by receiving antennas. For this reason it is essential the isolation, in order to eliminate the acoustic noise generated by this type of interactions.

Ricable U4P Power has a treated cotton insulation, twisted together with conductors. This solution allows to obtain a constant electric excellent and accordingly a very fast and fluid propagation of the signal. In addition to the dielectric is an outer shield OFC which guarantees an excellent two-way isolation.


Ricable U4P Power

The constructive twisted geometry allows to obtain a remarkable reduction of the inductances to the advantage of an even migliore.I conductors from 4 sqmm listening experience are cabled together insulation cotton and this causes a substantial increase of the propagation speed of electronics.

Ricable U4P Power

For a perfect application you must use the cable in the direction of the direction indicated on the sheath in this way:



Ricable Ultimate Power

The Ricable cables are directly lifetime guaranteed at customer's home, with a worldwide envied service centre for its efficiency and competence.

Each of our products is CE, RoHS and FCC certified.