RICABLE - Ricable DH05 Hi-End Digital Coaxial 75Ω RCA - 0,5 meters (7361)

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ΚΑΛΩΔΙΟ  Hi-End  digital Signal Coaxial cable  0,5 meters. 75ohm2 (8)4 (4)18 awg24khi-fi   Hi- End cable for Coaxial Digital Signals, made of pure OFC 99.999% copper conductor. It is distinguished by the higher level of production quality and refined aesthetic that makes it ideal for the most demanding user. The conductor is made of solid core of generous section ( 18AWG ) in pure OFC copper to ensure the controlled impedance at 75 Ohms. The dielectric is made of uprated Polyethylene Foam to increase more the audio purity. The cable insulation from external interferences is at the highest levels with five shields: On top of the dielectric there is a double aluminum foil + Mylar shield, followed by a third shield of tinned copper braiding . Above this braiding there is a further aluminum foil. The insulation is completed with an external OFC tinned copper braiding, which is fixed to the cold pole of the cable. Over the last shield there is an extra flexible PVC sheath for easy installation of this impressive cable. The surface finish is characterized by a nylon braiding which also protects the cable from external stresses . The used connectors are a true gem of beauty and quality. They are of the professional type with gold-plated contacts, 8 elements earthing ring and female tightening for a good contact. The body is entirely made of 24K gold-plated antijamming alloy, while the connector cover which serves for the safety tightening is made of superlight aluminium. The Contacts are all screw-tightened, without any soldering and hand-made to improve the signal transfer that places the conductors in direct contact and the mass braiding with the gold-plated contacts of the connector. The end result is a natural and clean sound that makes the Ricable Hi-End Digital ideal to connect the best CD and DAC Hi-Fi players. Follow-up of all the available models with insights and data sheets for each version.

Constructive Specifications

75 Ohm guaranteed e checked
Conductors Material:
Pure Copper OFC (Oxigen Free Copper) 99,999%
Conductors Size:
18 AWG Solid Core
External Shielding:
OFC tinned copper with braid plus
Internal Shielding:
Aluminium + Mylar + Copper Braid + Aluminium
Dielectric insulation:
High Density PE
External Protection:
High mechanical resistance Nylon
Connectors Features:
  • 24K Gold Plated Body Alloy
  • Aluminum Ultralight Body
  • Interference Suppression Alloy
  • Professional with screw on female
  • Ring mass with 8 elements
  • Teflon dielectric
24K Gold Plated
External Diameter:

Warranty and Certifications

  • Designed and Tested in Italy
  • CE
  • RoHS
  • FCC
Lifetime Warranty On-Site