RICABLE - Ricable Hi-End Speaker Cable N2 - 2 x 2 mt.

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ΚΑΛΩΔΙΟ ΗΧΕΙΩΝ  Hi-End (τερματισμένο)2 x 6 mm² - 2 x 2 meters 1 (6)2 (6)3 (4)4 (2)7 (1)6 (1)8 Hi-End Speaker is a Cable revolutionary for concept, because it's the result of a very detailed study on the positive effects of shielding and insulation applied to the signal amplification. The result arising from this study allowed us to build a cable with exceptional performance compared to a hypothetical product without such prerogatives. The result is astonishing, since the acoustic reproduction is very detailed, but at the same time warm and musical. The control of the Bass is excellent and high frequencies are reproduced with greater openness. The coupling is apt both systems Valves, that solid state, because the sound performance is exactly what the electroacoustic want to express, without any color, in any frequency, but with the best balance in all the frequency band tonal. Hi-End Speaker is available in four lengths and is sold in pairs in an elegant package. The design is modern and clean lines to satisfy the view, while the touch will be satisfied by the use of the latest materials technology, which give a very flexible cable, despite its grandeur. Now that you have seen it, now that you've touched, you just need to plug it into your system and starting to  sublimate your listening! Made entirely by hand in Italy, he has finishing top level, with a maniacal attention to detail, typical of the best products of handmade crafts. Follow-up of all the available models with insights and data sheets for each version.

Technical Specifications

< 50 pF/mt.
< 3,5 Ohm/Km

Constructive Specifications

Directional Twisted Pair
Conductors Material:
Pure Copper OFC (Oxigen Free Copper) 99,999%
Conductors Size:
0,15 mm
Conductors Surface:
6 mm2
External Shielding:
OFC tinned copper with braid plus
Internal Shielding:
Cords in high density PE + winding fabric
Dielectric insulation:
PE High Flexibility
External Protection:
Extra Flexible PVC jacket increased with Nylon braid
Connectors Features:
  • 24K Gold Plated Body Alloy
  • Banana BFA Professional
  • non-magnetic shell
24K Gold Plated
External Diameter:
Special Features:
  • Treated with R-Electron System

Warranty and Certifications

  • Designed in Italy
  • Handmade in Italy
  • CE
  • RoHS
  • FCC
Lifetime Warranty On-Site

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